6 Chocolate or wine themed murder mystery party games

Hosting a themed murder mystery party? How about a theming it around chocolate? Or wine tasting? Or even better…both!

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Great chocolate and wine pairings
  • Menu ideas for a chocolate themed murder mystery party
  • Menu ideas for a wine themed murder mystery
  • Decoration ideas
  • 3 essentials things to think about when hosting
  • Our favorite 6 chocolate or wine themed murder mystery party games!

Just imagine…

A chocolate fondue bubbles away on the dinner table, surrounded by placemats for friends and family. Next to each wineglass is a name card, bearing the name of the character being played: Gary the Ganache Smuggler, Courtney the Caramel Cup Queen, and Vinnie Vino, to name just a few!

Everything’s ready. Soon the guests will arrive (all dressed up!) and everyone who enters the exquisitely decorated abode is handed a glass of bubbly with a mint chocolate ball.

But oh! What’s that?

Sweet Susie was just found murdered behind the wine rack!

Chocolate and wine pairings

Seasoned party hosts know that skillfully pairing food and wine gives guests a wonderful, multi-sensory dining experience. A chocolate, food, or wine themed murder mystery party is the perfect excuse to do just that!

Pro tip: Chocolate loves soft wines

Wines you can describe as “soft, like velvet or silk” are the perfect match for chocolates. As you know, both chocolate and wine can have strong, dry notes—so serving a dry red with a bitter, dark chocolate is a bad idea. By themselves, yum, but together, yuck! Instead, we recommend your wine be softer or “juicier” than the chocolate you’re pairing it with.

Pro tip: Make a “sweet spot” selection

You want your wine to be sweeter than the chocolate it’s paired with. By sweet, we mean wine with distinct fruit flavors, or a wine that tastes ripe. A sweet wine balances the bitterness of the cocoa.

Pro tip: Start light, end dark

Present your guests with white chocolates and lighter white wines first. End with the heaviest, richest, darkest chocolates and wines.

Our favorite chocolate and wine pairings

Try this pairing, served in this order, from light to dark/heavy.

  • White chocolate & sweet rosé
  • Milk chocolate & merlot
  • Dark chocolate & cabernet sauvignon

Mix in one or two flavor pairings, too!

  • Salted caramel choc & cream sherry
  • Hazelnut choc & chardonnay
  • Chili choc & malbec
  • Berry choc & sparkling wines
  • Mint choc & shiraz

Chocolate themed murder mystery party—Menu ideas

The food you choose depends on the style of game you’re planning to play: a sit-down dinner or a mix ‘n mingle format. If you don’t know the difference between the two, jump to the “things to think about” section below for a quick clarification. Either way, here are some sweet ‘n savory chocolate ideas for your menu:

Starters and snacks:

  • Chocolate candied almonds to snack on.
  • Watermelon cubes dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with crushed pistachios. Yum!
  • Pear slices…drowning in chocolate sauce.
  • Basil pesto with cacao nibs for a smoky flavor. Serve on seed bread or on pasta.
  • Chocolate hummus with crunchy crackers.


  • Stewed meats with a hot chili and chocolate mole sauce. Divine!
  • There’s a lot your can do with a chocolate mole sauce—how about tender slow cooker chicken with fresh tortillas?
  • Chocolate fondue. The classic crowd-pleaser.
  • Tenderloin steaks crusted with pepper, lathered in a chocolate-and-port sauce. A decadent delight!
  • Roasted carrots in balsamic dark chocolate syrup—a sweet ‘n sour sensation. Alternatively (or additionally) drizzle the syrup over roasted onions and beets.
  • Chocolate ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta. Serve with a butter, pear, and hazelnut sauce.


  • Chocolate brownies.
  • A rich chocolate cake! Nom, nom, nom.
  • Chocolate ice-cream scooped into crunchy cones.
  • Molten chocolate mousse cups.

But why stop at the food? You can add chocolate to your cocktails too—choctails! Try mixing 2 tablespoons of chocolate liqueur with 2 tablespoons ruby port. Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling wine.

Wine themed murder mystery party—Menu ideas

The style of game you’re planning to play will determine your menu options: a sit-down dinner or a mix ‘n mingle format. If you don’t know the difference between the two, jump to the “things to think about” section below for a quick clarification.

White wines and roséfood pairings

Chenin BlancSauvignon BlancChardonnayRosé
CheeseFetaCrème fraicheRicottaBrie
VeggiesPeasGreen beansCauliflowerSummer salad
SauceSalsaSweet ‘n sourBéchamelPesto

Red wine and food pairings

Pinot NoirMerlotCabernet SauvignonShiraz
NutsPecansBrazil nutsPeanutsRoasted nuts
MeatDuckFilet mignonVenisonLamb
VeggiesBroccoliPumpkinBell peppersSmoked veggies
SaucePeanut sauceCurryMushroom saucePlum sauce

Decorating the venue

Creating a great atmosphere is a cornerstone of a successful murder mystery.

Start by thinking in terms of colors: perhaps reds and whites for wine, shades of chocolate, or a sugary sweet rainbow candy land!

  • A chocolate fondue adds a tactile experience and fills the room with a glorious smell! For a wine theme, you could still use a fondue, but match the food to specific bottles of wine.
  • Add a touch of class: hand guests a small, attractively packaged chocolate as they arrive. You could even have a pairing suggestion with wines and chocolates.
  • Perhaps you want to go for simple elegance. Stick to a single color, like white. Use long, billowing curtains, a white tablecloth, a white sofa cover. Leave it just like that, or add a dash of murderous mayhem. To contrast your pristine whites, splash vicious dashes of red paint around the murder scene!
  • Tight budget? Bunches of party balloons can liven up any room—and if you’re going for a Candyland theme, bright bouncing balloons with most certainly do the trick!
  • Additionally, play some soft background music. Perhaps the soundtrack to the movie Chocolat, international café music, or some light classical music to add an elegant air to a wine theme? A playlist with a French vibe will work for both chocolate and wine.

Did these ideas get your creative juices flowing? Keep reading for essential tips and out list of curated games!

3 Essential things to think about when hosting a themed murder mystery party

Number 1: How much time do you have?

There are two things to consider here:

  • How much time do you have to play the game?
  • How much time do you have to prepare for the game?

A game with a shorter duration is a good choice if:

  • You’re playing with kids.
  • Your group is new to murder mystery parties.

Don’t forget the prep time! Do you have weeks to layer on the decorations, or do you need to get everything ready pronto?

Here are some tips to cut down on preparation, and have more time to play and hang out with your loved ones:

  • Make all the food the day before and reheat at game time. Or just order in!
  • Ask your guests to each bring a dish, eliminating the need for you to spend any time in the kitchen!
  • Decorate with the “less is more” approach: shuffle the furniture around, throw a festive tablecloth over the table, hang up some streamers or scatter some balloons. Done!
  • Don’t decorate at all. Use background music to set the mood!

Want to save even more time? At the end of this article, we’ve put together a list of recommended games. Be sure to check it out!

For a deep dive into everything you need to know to host a murder mystery, read our ultimate guide.

Number 2: What style of game should I buy? Sit down dinner or mix ‘n mingle.

Once you’ve thought about your guest list, think about the practicalities: do you want everyone sitting around a table, enjoying a casual narrative while sipping glass after glass of wine over a scrumptious three-course meal? Or do you want to something highly interactive, where you’re always on your feet, bouncing between each and every player?

In general, murder mystery parties fall into one of these two categories:

  • Murder mystery dinner party: All the guests sit close together around a table and discuss the game clues together as one big group. This style is more casual, more relaxed, best suited for smaller groups of 4-12 adults, and best enjoyed with a three (or more!) course meal.
  • Mix ‘n mingle: Better suited to larger, more energetic groups. All the guests are encouraged to walk around and talk to everyone else one-on-one or in smaller subgroups. The game mechanics prompt you to ask questions, pose possibilities, make accusations, or openly interrogate individuals, usually in a big room or hall. Players take short to visit the buffet table for drinks and snacks.

The game format you pick should be determined by the size and makeup of your guest list.

Pro tip: See our article on “Which murder mystery company should I choose?”—it lists companies that sell games in both categories.

Number 3: Is the theme appropriate to your group?

If you’re playing with kids, excessive alcohol or drug use in the game story may be a bad idea! Carefully preview the story to see if it’s “family friendly”. If you’re not sure, contact the game publisher and ask them. Explain your situation and ask if the game you’re interested in is appropriate given your group dynamics.

6 Chocolate and wine themed murder mystery party game recommendations

Simply choose one of the games from our handy selection below.

Please note: We love Murder Mystery Parties. Besides giving advice we also write and sell games. In this article we feature our own games from our company Mysterando as well as games from different companies.

Chocolate themed murder mystery party games

The Dark Sin (by Mysterando)

Friends and relatives gather around the dinner table inside Petit Péché, a small town chocolaterie. They’re there to celebrate the owner’s book launch. But the sweet smell of melting nougat can’t cover up the fact that murderous thoughts bubble below the surface. Before the celebrations can even begin, the owner is found dead – poisoned by someone in this very room!

Players: 4-9

Price: From $18.90



Death by Chocolate (by Shot in the Dark Mysteries)

Olivier Venesse is not only a famous chocolatier, but also an alchemist. His delicious creations can cure all sorts of ailments, it is said. When he’s found drowned to death in liquid chocolate, his guests suddenly become suspects.

Players: 6-18

Price: From $41.99



Death by Chocolate (by Host a Murder Mystery)

On Easter Sunday, international visitors flock to Paris for the legendary year 1900 Exposition. But all is not well at the Hotel Paradiso—the dinner guests are all under suspicion for the mysterious murder of the infamous Billy Bonka, killed in his hotel suite by an exploding easter egg!

Players: 6-8

Price: From $18.00



Wine themed murder mystery party games

Wine Tasting Murder Mystery Game (by My Mystery Party)

Ivanna Katenka (who works in airport security by day), invites guests for a wine tasting at her home. She’s known about town for having exceptionally fine taste in wine (and for throwing great parties, too). But since the last get-together, personal differences and difficulties have beset the group. And someone is harboring murderous thoughts for their next event…

Players: 5-8

Price: From $40.95



Sour Grapes (by Dinner Murder Mystery)

The Giannini family have owned and run a Tuscan vineyard for generations. To celebrate their new wine, they’re throwing a tasting and tour. The event is well attended by family, tourists, critics, and connoisseurs (and the staff, of course). The day was a huge success—until famous wine critic Marvin Morrison is found dead in the vineyard!

Players: 14-20

Price: From $49.95



Murder at the Winery (by Shot in the Dark Mysteries)

Girato nel Buio Winery invites you to the private launch of their limited edition Organo vintage. Staff and guests mill about before the tasting…until a man is found dead in the wine cellar! Suddenly, everyone’s a suspect…

Players: 3-18

Price: From $41.99



Honorable mention (a food theme you can adapt)

The Food is to Die For (by Freeform Games)

At a famous restaurant at the end of Maple street, master chef Pierre Baudelaire caters to the stars: celebrities, politicians, and foodies alike. Tonight the pressure is even higher than usual—a notorious restaurant critic will be among the guests. But before things can get underway, Pierre is found dead, covered in blood…and beetroot soup!

Players: 12-15

Price: From $29.99



For more ideas, browse our other articles on hosting a themed murder mystery:

Disclaimer: We haven’t played every single one of the games discussed. However, after being murder mystery party fans, players, and hosts for many years, we’ve gathered heaps of helpful advice and tips on how to play. In writing this article, we’ve conducted internet research to put together our top choices. To help fund the site, we do use affiliate links to Amazon, etc.