Stag Party Murder Mystery

Tired of the typical stag do? Yip, us too. Instead of yet another night on the town ending in mysterious bruises and murderous headaches, why not host a stag party murder mystery? You’ll still have all the fun of seeing the groom dressed up in a ridiculous outfit, while enjoying great food and a thrilling murder mystery game.

Hosting a night like this is a breeze—simply follow our four-part guide:

  1. Choose the from our list of the most badass stag party murder mystery games. We’ve preselected some great ones for you.
  2. Plan an epic meal to fit the game. See our list of menu ideas.
  3. Choose the right drinks for the occasion. See our drinks and DIY cocktail bar suggestions!
  4. Get the venue looking snazzy. See our easy DIY decoration ideas.

Keep reading for our top game choices.

The Best Stag Party Murder Mystery Games

No time to trawl the web for a great game? Not a problem! Browse our list of pre-selected murder mystery games just dying to be played at a stag do.

Please note: We love murder mystery parties. Besides giving advice we also write and sell games. In this article we feature our own games from our company Mysterando. If you want to help fund this site, please check out our games.

Check ‘em all out, they’re not arranged in any particular order.

Murder on Starship Deathstation IV (by Murder Mystery Flexi Party)

A sci-fi mashup of note, featuring hilarious characters like Princess Layer, Rip Leigh the alien attack survivor, starship Captain Birk, and space smuggler Han Sandwich. The game’s plot revolves around Chief Engineer Snotty auctioning off the blueprints for the terrifying Starship Deathstation. However, before the bidding begins, Snotty is found dead in the engine room…spliced in half!

Players: 4-12

Price: From $15.00


Escape from Dregs Island (by My Mystery Party)

The year is 2032, six years after the Prison Reform Act. All US prisons are closed—prisoners serve their sentences on remote islands with no hope of escape. Survival on one of these islands means trusting your gut—and trusting nobody else. Dregs Prison Island is divided into four rival factions. The Junk Rats, murderers, live behind chain-link. White collar criminals hole up in the fortified Compound. The Battlefield is home to the island’s trash—and the nastiest brutes on planet Earth. The last of the factions are the Misfits, who live in Purgatory, a loose collection of huts and cabins. The US President will pardon one prisoner, but the prisoners must vote for the individual themselves. They gather for a tense meeting where things are bound to go horribly wrong…

Players: 7-16

Price: From $46.95


Murder at Baldrennan Abbey (by Mysterando)

A foggy valley deep in the heart of the Scottish Highlands shelters the crumbling masonry of Baldrennan Abbey. The Church has decided to sell the abbey to the highest bidder. The abbess and her nuns are instructed to play host to a string of potential buyers, real estate sharks, and visionary entrepreneurs. But the nuns do not want to give up their life at the abbey. So, when Nick Taylor’s body is found dead in the abbey garden, everyone in the abbey falls under suspicion…including the abbey ghost!

Note: This game includes many female characters. Mostly nuns. How hilarious would it be to see the lads dressed up as nuns?

Players: 4-8

Price: From $18.90


A Steampunk Murder Mystery (by Shot in the Dark Mysteries)

It’s 1857 and society is run on steam power—from London’s gritty back alleys to the lofty towers of its estate homes, machines and technology drive this world. Harrison House is nestled in the countryside, and the widow Lady Steeles and her servants call it home. The widow is to marry Mr. Bartholemew Payne—and tonight is the celebration party. But then a strange and powerful present with a terrible secret arrives at Harrison House and Mr. Payne is pushed from the cliff and tumbles to his death. The party plans are cancelled and a murder investigation begins.

Note: This is a very “clean” game. The company rates it 4/5 on their internal scale, meaning the plot involves a murder but there’s nothing particularly offensive, and there’s zero foul language. The game page’s description lists the potential trigger warnings. You can also request a customization for specific gender roles i.e. all male roles.

Players: 6-18

Price: From $41.99


Medieval Madness (by Gozone Murder Mysteries)

A medieval tale that begins on a bloody battlefield and climaxes in a castle. Rival households clash on the field of war. Afterwards, the Queen’s winning side returns to their castle keep to celebrate. But during the epic feast, the Queen collapses—dead! Who poisoned her? Will justice be served, or will the miscreant get away with it?

Note: Any sort of medieval costume will do: king, knight, blacksmith, jester, or horse. The costume doesn’t affect the gameplay or character assignment. The host assigns characters on game night, so it also doesn’t matter is someone pulls out at the last minute.

Players: 4-120

Price: From $55.00


Gatsby’s Last Secret (by Mysterando)

New York City, 1925—smack bang in the middle of the Roaring Twenties! In the smoky interior of the legendary Flying Flapper speakeasy, it’s another Jazz Age wild weekend. Glittering guests dance to the riveting house band and business at the bar is booming—thanks to mafia connections and the chief of police turning a blind eye! Midnight comes and goes. But then a piercing scream freezes the dancers. Frank Fitz, the infamous owner, has just been found dead!

Players: 5-9

Price: From $19.90


From Monte Carlo with Murder (by Masters of Mystery)

The year is 1962 and the place is the infamous Monte Carlo Casino. The roulette wheel spins, the poker tables bustle, and the classy crowd sweep through the plush halls in tuxedos and sparkling eveningwear. Every single one of them holds a dangerous secret—not just the spies, villains, jewel thieves, and imposters! When the croupier crumples to the red carpet with a poison dart lodged in his neck, all the guests become suspects in this intriguing tale.

Players: 4-20

Price: From $24.50


Now that you’ve chosen your stag night murder mystery game, keep reading for our food and drinks ideas.

Menu & Drinks Ideas for a Stag Party Murder Mystery

Murder mystery games are designed around the meal. There are two main formats:

  • Mix ‘n mingle: You’re constantly on your feet, moving between smaller groups to discuss clues and make accusations, or breaking off to stop by the buffet table to fill your belly and refill your beer.
  • Sit down table dinner: Everyone takes their place around the dinner table and enjoys a three (or more!) course meal while discussing the game clues. Typically, each of the three courses corresponds to one of the game’s three rounds.

For more info on the two formats, see our article on preparing a killer murder mystery menu.

The game (and game format) you’ve chosen plays a determining role in choosing the menu for the night. See our list of suggestions below.

Sit Down Menu Ideas for a Stag Party Murder Mystery

If you’ve chosen a sit-down meal format murder mystery, try one of these three-course meal menus:

Starter: A selection of antipasti and breads. Carbo load at the start to help handle the boozin’.

Mains: Fondue or raclette. It’s fun and communal—plus there’s the smell of melted cheese, of course!

Dessert: A creamy vanilla ice cream with:

  • Chocolate sauce and nuts
  • Apple pie
  • Pecan nut tart

Starter: Begin with a hearty potato and egg salad or pasta salad. Line your stomachs from the get-go.

Mains: An easy stew dripping with flavor. Try one of these:

  • Braised venison stew with diced carrots, potatoes, celery, and tomatoes
  • Polish sausage and cabbage stew
  • Thick beef stew with sourdough bread slices

Dessert: A massive cake. But which one?

  • Death by chocolate (for obvious reasons)
  • Irish whisky cake
  • Bourbon biscuit cheesecake

Starter: A light soup. Try:

  • Pea soup
  • Tomato and basil soup
  • French onion soup

Mains: A big meaty main is a guaranteed success. Try:

  • Grilled lamb chops
  • BBQ ribs with sauce
  • Beer can chicken
  • Slow-cooked lamb shanks

Dessert: After the heavy main, you want to serve a light dessert. We recommend a classy tiramisu—it’s got coffee in it to perk up the faders.

Buffet Menu Ideas for a Stag Party Murder Mystery

If you’ve chosen a buffet format murder mystery, try a combination of some of these buffet ideas:


  1. Charcuterie board
  2. Chicken wings
  3. Mini burgers
  4. Scotch eggs
  5. Kebabs
  6. Chips with salsa dip
  7. Tacos with dips
  8. Cheese and crackers
  9. Beef empanadas
  10. Quesadillas
  11. Quiche
  12. Cocktail sausages (that’s right—serve some wieners)
  13. Sausage rolls
  14. Spring rolls
  15. Pizza slices


  1. Ice cream (perhaps with cones, chocolate sauce, and crushed nuts)
  2. Waffles
  3. Mini muffins
  4. Brownies
  5. Cupcakes
  6. Cake slices
  7. Macaroons
  8. Florentines
  9. Cookie selection
  10. Chocolate selection
  11. Date and coconut balls
  12. Peanut & chocolate clusters
  13. Chocolate dipped strawberries

With the menu sorted, it’s time to move on to the drinks!

Drinks, drinks, drinks!

If you’re planning a bachelor’s, you need to think through the drinks. If you’re at a bar or restaurant, no problem—start a tab and everyone orders whatever they want.

But if you’re hosting a stag night murder mystery party, you’ve got to plan for the drinks and make sure you’ve got the right stuff. It’s a stag night—but it’s also a murder mystery where your brain needs to stay functional for a good portion of the night.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Beer on tap. A keg (or several) of local craft beer should do the trick. This will go really well with a medieval or bootlegger/mafia/speakeasy theme, of course!
  • Beer sampling. Provide a range of beers, from lagers to IPAs, and serve in rounds with smaller tasting glasses.
  • Bottomless punch bowl. Have lots of mixers and spirits on hand and just keep topping up the punch bowl. But don’t make it too strong at the start of the night!
  • Themed cocktails. Research cocktails that fit the game’s theme. For example, the Zombie for a horror theme, the Godfather for a mafia theme, martinis for a spy theme, etc.
  • Lastly, water. Lots of it. Keep a jug of cool water with ice nearby and make sure everyone has a glass in between rounds of heavy drinking. That way you’ll help stave off (or at least reduce) tomorrow’s hangover.

Alternately, how about you let the guys make their own drinks?

What about a DIY Cocktail Bar?

Add a touch of class with a DIY cocktail or drinks bar. This way, the guys can help themselves, freeing you up to party and relax your hosting duties.

Here’s what you’ll need for a DIY bar:

  • Have a few versatile spirits. Vodka is a great choice—it has a pure taste that doesn’t clash with mixers or other spirits. Unflavored gin and tequila are good choices too. If you want to go all out, you’ll need: vodka, gin, tequila, rum (regular rum, light rum, coconut rum), whisky (rye and Irish), brandy, and Bailey’s Irish cream.
  • Liqueurs: coffee liqueur, cream liqueur, orange liqueur, vermouth, Amaretto.
  • Flavor enhancers: bitters, simple syrups, hot sauce, sour mix.
  • Mixers: soda water, tonic, colas and sodas, fruit juices.
  • Set out a jigger or measuring beaker of some kind—even just a shot glass, something that your guests can use to measure how much alcohol they’re pouring into their cocktails.
  • All the other paraphernalia, including: tumblers and glasses, mixing spoons, and shakers. If your budget is already strained, just use disposable plastic cups instead of glasses.
  • Buckets full of ice.
  • Garnish: orange, lemon, lime, olives.
  • Finally, print out instructions for a few cocktails that can be made from what you have. Classic suggestions for guys include:
    • Bloody Murder (essential at a bachelor’s murder mystery party)
    • Old fashioned
    • Rusty Nail
    • Manhattan
    • Martini
    • The Tom Collins
    • Mojito
    • Godfather
    • Black Russian
    • Zombie
  • You could also find and print instructions for themed cocktails.

By now you’ve chosen a great game, decided on the menu, and thought through the drinks. All that’s left to do is make the place look the part.

Venue Decoration Ideas for a Stag Night Murder Mystery

It’s best to decorate the venue according to the theme. The game you’ve chosen determines the theme—the guys will dress up as the characters they’re playing for the night, so the venue decorations should match.

With that said, there are still general-purpose decoration ideas you might find useful—they should work with most themes.

  1. Customized Party Banner. Something that fits the theme, or something funny. How about “You Are Dead To Us”—because it’s a murder mystery…and because the bachelor’s single days are numbered! “Game Over” is also a classic.
  2. Balloons. Always super fun. And at the end of the night you get to pop ALL of them!
  3. Paper Lanterns. Great for an exotic theme, or to cover bright lights.
  4. Streamers. Add some festive flair!
  5. Party Poppers. Simple, childish fun abounds with a bunch of not sober guys digging into a bucket of party poppers.
  6. Themed Party Hats. If you can find party hats to fit the stag night murder mystery game theme, then go for it!
  7. Miscellaneous Themed Accessories. For example, a bar theme could have plastic toy roulette tables, a poker set, playing cards, and cigars—real or the flavored kind.

Perhaps your theme matches one of the following—browse these articles for specific decoration ideas:

We hoped you’ve found this article helpful in planning your stag night murder mystery party. We wish you a great night and heaps of fun!

Disclaimer: We haven’t played every single one of the games discussed. However, after being murder mystery party fans, players, and hosts for many years, we’ve gathered heaps of helpful advice and tips on how to play. In writing this article, we’ve conducted internet research to put together our top choices. We use affiliate links to Amazon, etc. This is how we help fund the site.