5 Free Murder Mystery Party Games

If you’re new to murder mystery parties and want to try before you buy, we’ve got just the thing for you! In this article you’ll find our curated list of 100% free murder mystery party games.

But wait! There’s more!

We’ve also included a second list of not free murder mystery party games that are super cheap and well worth looking at, as they’re a cut above the totally free ones.

You could also check out our curated list of 10 Classic, 10 Fun, and 10 Expert murder mystery games—a great compilation of excellent games that vary wildly in price.

First up, here are the free murder mysteries 😊

List of Free Murder Mystery Party Games

Here’s our list of 100% free murder mystery parties.

We’ve included a summary of the story, the number of players required, and a link to the download page (simply copy and paste the link into your browser bar).

Jazz Age Jeopardy (by Playing With Murder)

It’s the 1920s in New York City. Prohibition tempts bootleggers and gangsters to capitalize on the illicit booze trade. Enter Felix Fontano, notorious bootlegger, businessman, and the son of a local crime lord. Felix is hosting a private social event at his glitzy bootlegger bar, The Cat’s Meow. The night kicks off to a swinging start! Everything’s going roaringly well…until it goes horribly wrong—someone is found murdered in the club’s back rooms…

Players: 15



Way Out West (by Freeform Games)

1884, the American West. The town of Cactus Gulch is one of many other little towns that have sprung up in the wake of the prospectors, ranchers, and cowboys spreading west. The townsfolk gather to celebrate the 20th birthday of their home—and the promised arrival of the railway line. But hostilities cloud the celebrations. People argue over land rights, tensions with the American Indians are sky high, and strangers from other parts slink into town…the chances of blood being shed tonight are all but guaranteed.

Players: 10



Sour Grapes of Wrath (by Michael Akers)

It’s been six months since Robert Killingsworth died. His widow, Elizabeth, has been struggling to keep their farm (a vineyard and winery) afloat ever since. The debts are mounting. Desperate, she puts the farm on the market. But nobody’s interested. Then, one fateful autumn day, six visitors arrive at the farm. All of them harbor dark secrets, but only one is prepared to kill.

Players: 6



The Business of Murder (by J Hanju Kim)

You find the dead body of party host Rick Martin lying face down just inside the doorway. He’s wearing the same clothes he had on at the party. Now the party guests (a university student, a professor and his wife, Rick’s old girlfriend and her jealous ex, and a mysterious female guest) must figure out whodunnit!

Players: 7 or 8



The Movie Murder Mystery Party (by Dennis Spielman)

It’s a wrap! Cast and crew celebrate the end of their film shoot. But during the celebrations the Director is murdered. Now it’s up to the party guests to find magical clues their eccentric director left behind, each clue bringing the group closer to the identity of the killer.

Note: The game revolves around a scavenger hunt and the movie plot plus the characters themselves are not scripted, but instead improvised. This is not a typical murder mystery experience—but maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Players: 5-10



If you haven’t found the right game above, or if you’re willing to spend a small amount on a game, see the budget murder mysteries below.

Bonus: Super cheap paid murder mysteries!

In addition to the free murder mystery parties above, we’ve included these paid (but cheap) games as well. They’re inexpensive and of a higher quality than the free free murder mystery parties games above.

These paid games below also allow more flexibility in the number of players required to play.

Please note: We love Murder Mystery Parties. Besides giving advice we also write and sell games. In this article we feature our own games from our company Mysterando. If you want to help fund this site, please check out our games.

Take a look, they’re arranged with the cheapest games first.

Murder at the Disco (by Murder Mystery Flexi-Party)

New York, the 70s. The hottest nightclub celebrates its birthday by inviting the hippest and most happening people in the city. Just as the party’s about to get groovy, tragedy strikes! Up in the VIP area, owner Doctor Disco is found…murdered! But who on earth could have done it?

Players: 6-14

Price: From $15.00



The Murder at Baldrennan Abbey (by Mysterando)

A foggy valley deep in the heart of the Scottish Highlands shelters the crumbling masonry of Baldrennan Abbey. The Church has decided to sell the abbey to the highest bidder. The abbess and her nuns are instructed to play host to a string of potential buyers, real estate sharks, and visionary entrepreneurs. But the nuns do not want to give up their life at the abbey. So, when Nick Taylor’s body is found dead in the abbey garden, everyone in the abbey falls under suspicion…including the abbey ghost!

Players: 4-8

Price: From $18.90



Gatsby’s Last Secret (by Mysterando)

New York City, 1925—smack bang in the middle of the Roaring Twenties! In the smoky interior of the legendary Flying Flapper speakeasy, it’s another Jazz Age wild weekend. Glittering guests dance to the riveting house band and business at the bar is booming—thanks to mafia connections and the chief of police turning a blind eye! Midnight comes and goes. But then a piercing scream freezes the dancers. Frank Fitz, the infamous owner, has just been found dead!

Players: 5-9

Price: From $19.90



Masquerade Murder (by Masters of Mystery)

1755, carnival season in Venice. At tonight’s masquerade ball, rich and poor rub shoulders, and everyone could be anyone behind their masks. But someone stands out—a figure dressed in all red. Suddenly a glass smashes and the mysterious figure is found dead.

Players: 4-20

Price: From $24.00



Vampire Ball (by Masters of Mystery)

It’s time for the annual Blood Ball, hosted by Count Dragula (the “Queen” of New York’s vampire elite). Minutes after midnight, Count Dragula discovers a dead body—and what’s more, it’s been drained dry! Who did this? A party crasher or someone on the guest list? You and the other Blood Ball guests must get to the bottom of it…

Players: 4-20

Price: From $24.00



Reunion with Death (by Freeform Games)

It’s the night of the Holborrow High school reunion! Former students meet at the town’s hotel before the big reunion party kicks off. But then disaster strikes! Mikolette Lukanis (the prom queen) is murdered and all the guests are locked in the hotel ballroom to wait for the police. But as accusations fly, rivalries resurface, flames of passion ignite, and friends betray one another—can the former students unite to solve the case, or will heated emotions allow the killer to get away with it?

Players: 6-9

Price: From $29.99



We hope you’ve found something you like! And we hope the murder mystery party bug bites you and your fellow players. In fact, we’re sure it will—and when that happens, please do browse the rest of our website for free murder mystery party menu ideas, decoration ideas, and plenty more game recommendations!

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