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How do I choose a murder mystery party or a theme?

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How to host a murder mystery party – the quick FAQ

It’s not that hard! With our expert help, you can host your very own murder mystery party (either at home, or at a special venue). Chances are, you’re chock full of questions, so here’s our quick FAQ for hosting a murder mystery party.

Q: How long does a game last?

A: Usually, 1.5 to 4 hours.

Q: How much does a game cost?

A: This varies wildly by company and by number of players. Anywhere from $19 to $70 for typical games.

Q: How much time do I need to prepare?

A: You could do it in 2-4 hours. Shorter if you use our Ultimate Guide!

Q: If I’m the host, can I play with?

A: It depends on the specific company/game you buy.

Q: Must I make food?

A: There’s a lot to consider here. See our expert article on the Perfect Murder Mystery Menu for the low down!

Q: Which theme is best for me?

This depends on a quite a lot of things. See our detailed guide on choosing the best murder mystery for you!

Q: What happens if someone can’t make it?

A: This could break the game…or not. But we’ve got you covered! See our article on what to do if someone can’t make it or gets sick.

Still have questions? See our ultimate guide to hosting a murder mystery party for a deep dive into all these questions…and much, much more!

Alternatively, if you’re new to murder mysteries, see our beginner’s guide: What is a murder mystery party?

Played a few murder mysteries already? Looking for new themes?

With the right theme, it’s a breeze to host a murder mystery. Certain “classics” are guaranteed to be a hit, and that’s why every single company offers them. Other themes are far more niche, geared towards seasoned players. How about browsing our mega list of 10 classic, 10 fun, and 10 expert games?

What is a murder mystery party? – The quick explanation!

Imagine your living room transformed into a glitzy 1920s speakeasy: sparkling banting, champagne glasses, groovy jazz playing low in the background. You’re dressed to kill – perhaps as an iconic flapper, perhaps as a seedy bootlegger.

Your guests arrive, each dressed up as their character, each with an important role to play throughout the night. You greet each new arrival with glass of bubbly. Clink, clink! Excitement ripples around the room as the characters interact…for a murder most foul is about to take place!

Typically, a murder mystery party requires the following (although there are exceptions!):

  • a specific number of guests (4-200+)
  • a themed game
  • clues/evidence
  • good food!

Games can last anywhere from 1-4 hours and usually involve 3 rounds of pondering your own set of clues, asking questions of the other characters based on your clues, a murder (of course!), an accusation round where everybody accuses their prime suspect, and a Big Reveal where the host reveals who committed the murder.

Need more detailed info? We have advice for experts and beginners alike!

If you want to know how to play as one of the character roles, see our guide on playing the perfect murderer, inspector, suspect, or victim!

What is the ideal number of players?

You can play a murder mystery with anywhere from 4-200+ players. However, each game is specifically designed for an exact number of players.

Choosing and inviting the right number of guests is something you (as host) have to think about very carefully. Only once you’ve decided can you shop around for a game (and a theme!) to match your number of guests. Let us help you out: see our article on finding the best murder mystery for you.

Usually, the price of a game is linked to the number of players. The more players, the more expensive the game.

Insider Info: This is because it’s WAY more effort for the game writer to create extra characters, make their stories meaningful, and tie it all into the plot! You’re paying more for a huge amount of extra work!

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